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Gary Moore (1952-2011) was a guitarist from Northern Ireland who began his career with Irish bands Skid Row and Thin Lizzy. He was also in the British band Colosseum !! before embarking on a successful solo career.

Gary Moore recorded a wide variety of music but produced some exceptional blues material.

Here are some site with more information on Gary Moore:

Here are some videos of Gary Moore performing blues material:

Here are some videos of Gary Moore performing with well known blues musicians:

With Albert Collins

With Albert Collins at Montreux Festival, 1990

With Albert King

Performing The Thrill Is Gone with B.B. King:

So Many Roads, with John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Montreux Festival, 2008

Here are some videos which will give you an overview of Gary Moore’s solo career:

Out In The Fields, with Phil Lynott

After The War

Wild Frontier

Empty Rooms, live in Stockholm, 1987

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