Some 1960’s Videos Of Jesse Fuller

We came across these videos of Jesse Fuller.

Jesse Fuller was born in Georgia and later moved to California so he’s not a Mississippi bluesman. But we thought our readers would enjoy these videos anyway.

The first two videos are from a 1968 Seattle TV station recording. We think these were made by the Seattle PBS station KCTS but we have to do more research before stating that conclusively.

In Part 1 notice that Jesse Fuller is using a folded pocket knife as a slide at about 4:00. This technique was described by W.C. Handy in his autobiography and Handy noted having seen an unnamed guitar player using it while waiting at the Tutwiler, Mississippi train station circa 1903. There is a Mississippi Blues Trail marker at the site of the now demolished train station in Tutwiler, Mississippi

This one is audio only. It’s a recording of a 1962 Jesse Fuller performance at the University of Chicago. The audio is good quality.

We will add some recommended recordings of Jesse Fuller in due time.

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