A Reader From Greece Has Done A Series Of Videos On Blues History

One of our readers from Greece, Panagiotis Charalampidis, left a comment on the site saying:

“Hello from Greece! I love your site! It has been a valuable source of information about the Blues. I just finished a series of videos about the History and Evolution of the Blues (10 episodes), something like a documentary or a series of history lessons for music lovers….”

Thanks Panagiotis. Glad you liked our website and found it useful.

Here are the 10 episodes of The History and Evolution of the Blues on Panagiotis Charalampidis’ YouTube channel, funkpunk.

Part 1, 16th-17th Century

Part 2, 18th-19th Century

Part 3, Gospel, Minstrelsy & Vaudeville

Part 4, Pop, Ragtime & Jazz

Part 5, Proto-Blues

Part 6, 1900-1920

Part 7, 1920’s

Part 9, 1930’s

Part 9, 1940’s

Part 10, 1950’s

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