Cream was a British band comprised of Eric Clapton (guitar and vocals), Jack Bruce (bass and vocals) and Ginger Baker (drums). Apart from releasing original tunes, like White Room and Sunshine of Your Love which have become rock classics, Cream covered some then obscure blues compositions like Skip James‘ I’m So Glad, and played a major role in exposing the blues to a much wider audience.

Cream’s cover of Robert Johnson’s Cross Road Blues (Cream covered Robert Johnson composition under the title Crossroads) is referenced on the Mississippi Blues Trail marker for Rosedale in Rosedale, Mississippi.

Here is a 1993 documentary about Cream called Fresh Live Cream

Here is a BBC documentary about Cream bass player Jack Bruce:

Here is a video of Cream performing White Room, Crossroad and Badge in 2005 their reunion concert in 2005 at Royal Albert Hall.

Here’s Cream performing White Room during their reunion concert in 2005 at Royal Albert Hall.

We have included the BluRay of Cream Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2005 among our Recommended Recordings 

Here are some more videos we think may be of interest to Cream fans:

Jack Bruce performing Politician with Rory Gallagher

Jack Bruce performing Politician with Robin Trower (guitar) and Gary Husband (drums)

Jack Bruce doing White Room with Gary Moore (guitar) and Gary Husband (drums). It starts with an interesting solo performance and discussion by Jack Bruce.

Jack Bruce performing White Room with Joe Banamassa

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