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Johnny Shines (26 April 1915-20 April 1992) was born in Memphis, Tennessee and played guitar in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas in his early years.

He is probably best known for his association with Robert Johnson, when they traveled together between 1935 and 1937.

Here are some websites with more information on Johnny Shines:

Here are some videos of Johnny Shines:

Performing Robert Johnson’s Sweet Home Chicago, Kind Hearted Woman and Crossroads  – France, 1973:

This is an interesting video of Johnny Shines performing at a private residence in Vienna in February 1975:

Performing Robert Johnson‘s Sweet Home Chicago

Johnny Shines performing They Call Me Little Wolf with Robert Lockwood Jr. in 1980:

Johnny Shines performing You Got To Pay The Cost, 1980:

Johnny Shines performing at the opening of the Alabama State Archives Building in 1988:

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