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Canned Heat was an American band which played a significant role in bring the blues to a wider audience in the late 1960’s.

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Here are some videos of Canned Heat.

Rollin’ And Tumblin’, Monterey Pop Festival, 1967

On The Road Again, Woodstock, 1969

Woodstock Boogie, Woodstock, 1969

On The Road Again, circa 1970

Goin’ Up The Country, 1970


Let’s Work Together, 1970

Let’s Work Together, on the British TV show Top of the Pops, 1970

Let’s Work Together, circa 1971

On The Road Again, Montreux Festival, 1973

Complete performance at Montreux Festival, 1973 with appearance by Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown.

Live in Stockholm, 1973

Refried Boogie, German TV, circa 1980

At the Rockpalast, Germany, 1998. Complete concert.

Fried Hockey Boogie, 22 May 2016, Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival, Annapolis, Maryland

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