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Big Joe Williams (1903-1982) was born in Crawford, Mississippi. He was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1992.

In the early 1920’s he performed with the Rabbit Foot Minstrels, based in Port Gibson, Mississippi.

His best known recordings include Baby Please Don’t Go (covered by many artists, including Lightnin’ Hopkins), Crawlin’ King Snake.

Here are some websites with more information about Big Joe Williams:

Here’s Big Joe Williams performing in Seattle, circa 1964:

Here’s more of Big Joe Williams in Seattle, circa 1964:

Here’s Big Joe Williams in 1966, backed by Willie Dixon:


Big Joe Williams performing Baby Please Don’t Go:

Big Joe Williams performing at a blues festival in Finland, 1980:

Big Joe Williams performing at the Mississippi Delta Blues Festival in 1980:

Sloppy Drunk Blues, circa 1980

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